Sunday, February 11, 2018



Anonymous said...

Hello Harry! What a great pleasure to find you on the internet and to see that you're still creating! Just yesterday I found a copy of your "Drawing In Pencil" book at a local thrift shop and, after glancing at the fabulous illustrations and techniques, had to pick it up. Such a beautiful style of drawing and painting! I'm surprised (and sorry) I never heard of you before, especially when I was attending the Hussian School of Art, Philadelphia, back in the late '70's and learning from the then-contemporary "masters". Back in the day I loved the work of Mark English, Bob Peak, Bart Forbes, Bob Heindel, and several others from earlier days like Daniel Smith and Al Parker to name a few. In all honesty, your talent, Harry, is at least equal to that of those illustrator giants. I myself got into graphic design in order to pay the bills after graduating art school in '79, and seeing your work makes me want to get back to illustrating before I get too rusty! Thank you for your years of artistic service and for being a great influence to me and many others. You are a great inspiration. - Steve Rydzewski, Philadelphia

Maria Blassingame said...

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