Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Variations on a theme

Here are some variations on the image that I posted yesterday. On the computer an artist can easily create several versions of one basic image, something that would take many hours when using traditional mediums. FigureStudy 6A2A This basic image started out as a line drawing done on tracing paper in ink and scanned into the computer where the art was cut and altered. FigureStudy 6A2 This is a negative image of the original to which some color was added. I thought that this version would make a great book cover, I'm thinking about writing a book on digital art. FigureStudy 6A2A2 Another variation of the negative version, I like the two color effect. FigureStudy 6B A more complex version of the negative image that seems to work quite well. I'll show more variations on the next post.

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