Monday, January 9, 2012

Paintings used in a TV show

These paintings were used in a museum setting on THE GOOD WIFE TV show last night. It was very exciting to see them displayed so nicely.

Image 1






K8 Almost Relaxed Nude

K17 Deconstructed Nude


Hattermad said...

Saw the show last night and had to scramble to the tablet and google with no luck during the commercials...Completely annoyed on finding no info, 20 or so minutes into it she unrolls the poster then my curiosity sated. Beautiful work! Have always loved Matisse's Blue Nude cut outs, your works stunned me in the same fashion. Simply shapes arranged in such an orignal fantstic manner...

Tris Mast said...

I was afraid that the show might only use your paintings as quick, blurry background elements, but not only did they do the paintings justice by displaying them so well, the set designers also clearly placed your name on the wall. Using your bold, eye-candy art in the opening shots gave the show an instant hipness. Loved it.
By the way, how did this all come about?

Mary Lonergan said...

K2Muse - STUNNING!!!! I have noticed the art on The Good Wife - happy to know some of it is yours....rfeally, really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry,
I'm an art lover and an avid fan of The Good Wife. When I saw your art in the latest episode I started thinking about how I was going to get to the "Chicago Museum of Fine Arts" to see your exhibit before it closed on April 3rd....and then began to wonder why I hadn't heard of this Museum. Oh yeah, it's a fictional TV show...duh!

Nonetheless, I LOVE your art, and hope someday soon to make it to Chicago to see it in person in one of the galleries you show in. Congratulations for getting such good visibility -- on The Good Wife.

Anonymous said...

Saw your art on the Good Wife. I like it.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Tris,
One of the producers of the show saw the paintings on my blog and called me to see if they could be used in an episode. I said "YES!!!" They sure did give me great display, WOW, I was sure pleased the way it worked out.

Lisa Fromartz said...

Hi Harry,

I'm still looking. There is so much to see on the web of and about your work.

Thanks for the kind words yesterday about my work.


Anonymous said...

I saw the show. And I am now watching it again. A Good Wife Fan I am as well as your works now...Love the Art, its simple Beautiful.

I cant locate your works in Chicago at the Fine Arts Museum.

Sean said...

Mr. Borgman,

I watched the airing of the Good Wife..but I'm having a time in locating your exhibit that's being held at the Chicago Museum of Fine Arts September 2011 - April 2012.

Your work is Beautiful.

Harry Borgman said...

Sean and Anonymous,
I don't really have a show in Chicago, the poster is a fake only done for the episode on January 8th. I'd LOVE to have an exhibition in Chicago. Presently I am showing at Pure Reign in Oak Park.

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