Monday, June 20, 2011

Various illustration styles

The first two examples below are part of a series of illustrations that were done for the American College in Paris when I lived in France. They were basically pencil drawings with washes of gray tones. My wife, Jeanne, attended the college and got an art history degree. When I flew over to Paris, the girl in the seat next to me was Mary McClean, who ended up working at the college as their graphics director and she commishioned me to do these illustrations.



Ink line drawings done for a Chevrolet brochure.

Ink line cartoon illustration done for Friends Magazine.
Doing a lot of illustrations in various styles was very interesting to me as I love to experiment and I never got bored by the commercial business. When the illustration business slowed down I started doing storyboards. The only thing bad about that phase of the business were the brutal deadlines.

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