Friday, April 22, 2011

My first "How to...." book

MonsterBK 1

In 1974 I decided to write a book for young artists which I sold through ads in comic books. Usually I sold just enough of them to pay for the ads, so I gave up on the project. However it was the forerunner of all the books that I would eventually write for Watson Guptill.

MonsterBK6 2
Here is a cartoon of Dracula.

MonsterBK6 3
A more realistic version of Dracula. About the same time I was actually illustrating a book full of Dracula drawings.

MonsterBK 5
Various stages of the Dr. Pimple drawing. First the rough sketch, then a tighter drawing done with a marker pen, then the finished art drawn in ink with a brush.

MonsterBK 6
The same stages of the King Kung Fu drawing.


Steve said...

Nicely reminiscent of Jack Davis pen work.How many pages and is it possible to purchase anywhere?

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Steve,
The book was 38 pages and today is not available, unless I find some copies somewhere. If I do locate any of these books I will mention it on this blog.