Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creating my Christmas card

I had an idea that was first sketched out very roughly with a marker, then I drew another larger rough sketch which was used as a basis for designing my Christmas card. The figure would be a drawing os Santa Claus.

Then I made a rough sketch of Santa which would help me do a final ink drawing.

I also did a quick ink sketch of Gloria which would be used on the interior of the card.

XmasCrd2010 FINAL 2 copy
Here is the finished cover, I combined Christmas and New Year by adding years floating on the page.

XmasCrd2010 FINAL 2
The front and rear covers. I used one of my comic book cover parodies on the back which featured one of my new paintings as well as my cats, Laura, Tiff and Jpeg.

XmasCrd2010 INT
The interior of the card is kind of a visual newsletter showing some of the things that were done during the year, a new series of paintings, new comic book cover parodies and a metal sculpture that the Harbor Country Public Arts Initiative is planning to erect in Sawyer, Michigan.The card was easily created on the computer using Photoshop Elements 2.0, then was printed on my HP Color Laser 2600n printer.

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